Our story

Dear future customer, 

My name is Sylvain Veilleux, the founder of Oasis-Deco. In 2007 I created this company, now over 16 years ago. 

Before setting up this company, I was looking for easy-to-install swimming pool waterfalls or cascades for my personal pool.

I looked around all the pool shops and garden centres and none of these products were available. I thought to myself that they surely must exist somewhere in the world.

Fortunately I found the ideal waterfall for my pool. The waterfall was manufactured by Universal Rocks in Australia. I ordered two beautiful waterfall kits for my pool and I loved them! 

The effect of these falls on my pool instantly transformed it into a real Oasis. 

I reflected that I am not the only one looking for this kind of beautiful waterfall for my swimming pool, so I decided to import the products and sell them here in Quebec.
I started with a small quantity and I used my garage (like many start-up companies) to store a few models of pool waterfalls to offer my customers.

It didn't take long to see the potential -  2 years later I became a Universal rocks importer for Canada.

Waterfalls for swimming pools have been coming in by full truck load for several years and several times per season.

Now Oasis-Deco is able to supply swimming pool stores, builders,  landscapers and private customers directly.

Artificial palm trees
I had a dream of installing palm trees to give a tropical look to my pool and backyard. I bought two really beautiful palm trees from a garden center.

Unfortunately autumn was coming and they had to go inside; it didn't take long in the garage and they where dead ...

So in addition to my business ...

I sell ultra-realistic life-size artificial palm trees as an essential pool complement - my dream of having palm trees in my yard came true!!

I now sell artificial palm trees across Canada