For your swimming pool waterfall, the use of artificial rocks = Advantageous design choice !

Send us some photos of your swimming pool by email;
we will do a photoshop montage with waterfall on your pool if  we can.
Installing a waterfall with a pool has never been easier.

Whether it's a new pool or an existing pool, you don't have to transform your yard into a construction site. Universal Rocks is there for you! Universal Rocks gives you the opportunity to do it yourself. Other types of installations demand a lot of creativity to get the desired look.

So realistic, light weight, and easy to work with! These features are Universal Rocks biggest advantages.

Realistic ... Our stones are molded from real rocks. Coloured sand and stone debris are integrated into our manufacturing process to give an unparalleled likeness and durability.

This has been tested and proven over the past 20 years in the harsh Australian climate, with extreme heat and freezing conditions. Our products have also had 15 winters in Canada and New York without needing complicated winterization. They withstand many freeze-thaw cycles.

So Light ... Made with some of the most amazing materials; polyurethane and Polyurea, which gives it the lightness and durability that we are so proud of. It is therefore greatly appreciated by all landscapers and pool builders to work with waterfall materials with such light weight.

So Easy ... All of the parts have been molded to make things easier during installation and thus eliminate many problems, such as tightness and weight. One of the biggest challenges is finding what a client really wants? This problem is now a thing of the past with Universal Rocks. The client can now choose the style of cascade and will know exactly what their cascade will look. Other processes, especially those using real rocks, can end up looking quite different from what the installer envisaged. 

The installation steps are explained in detail on our site. This method will allow you to remove it for winterizing your pool.

All pool waterfalls arrive with a 1,5 inches outlet ready to glue a water supply hose. We recommend that you place a real rock on the water outlet, which allows to disperse the water flow evenly.
If you are a creative, you can introduce real rock moss and river stone on the edges of your artificial rock. We recommend placing the plants as close to the water as possible. Plants, rock and water are a perfect combination for all landscapes.

When and if higher chlorine levels are required, simply shut off the water supply to the waterfall until the normal level of chemicals returns.

Universal Rocks products have proven to be durable since 1997.